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How To Change Twitter Display Name 2022

 How do i change my twitter display name

How to change twitter display name You've set up your Twitter account and now want to update your username and display name. Fortunately, you can quickly switch between the two.
How To Change Twitter Display Name 2021
How do I change my real name on Twitter

    What’s The Difference Between Your Username & Your Display Name?

    Your username appears in the URL for your profile and is exclusive to you. It's used for logging in, sending direct messages, and receiving responses. Your show name, like your company name or real name, is a personal identifier. Your name appears on your profile page and is used to identify you, especially if your username is not your real name or business name.
    Changing your username does not affect your existing followers, direct messages, or replies.

    Today we’ll show you how to change your username on the Twitter website and in the smartphone apps. Then we’ll show you how to change your name on the Twitter website.

    How To Change Your Twitter Username on

    • To change your Twitter username on the website, open your favorite browser and log in to your Twitter account.
    • Open “Settings And Privacy” On The Twitter Website
    • Click on your profile photo (or the person icon, if you have no photo) and then click “Settings and privacy“.

    Change Your Twitter Username On The Twitter Website

    • Make sure “Account” is selected on the left. Then, change the “Username“, which can be up to 15 characters long.
    • Your username must be unique. Twitter checks your username as you type it, letting you know if it’s already been taken.
    • When you enter a unique Username, “Available!” displays above the “Username” box. The URL for your Twitter page displays below the “Username” box.
    • Scroll down and click “Save changes“.
    • Enter your Twitter password on the “Save account changes” dialog box and click “Save changes“.

    How to change display name on twitter on iphone and Android 

    You can also change your Twitter username in the Twitter app on iOS and Android. We show the iOS app here, but the procedure is the same on Android.

    How To Change Your Twitter Username in Twitter for iOS

    • Open “Settings And Privacy” in Twitter for iOS
    • In the Twitter app, tap your photo, or the person icon if you don’t have a photo.
    • Tap “Settings and privacy” on the slide-out menu.
    • Change Your Username In Twitter for iOS
    • Tap “Account” on the “Settings and privacy” screen.
    • Choose “Username” on the “Account” screen.
    • Then under “New“, start entering a new username.
    • Your username must be unique. Twitter checks your username as you type it, letting you know if it’s already been taken.
    • When you’ve entered a unique username, a green check mark displays to the right of it. Tap “Done“.
    • Go Back To Your Twitter Home Page In Twitter For iOS
    • Tap the back arrow on each screen until you return to your Twitter homepage.
    • Changing your Twitter name can only be done on in a browser. Log in to your account and click on your profile photo, or the person icon, if you have no photo.
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