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Top Hidden Features Of Android 2022

Best Android Hacks & Tricks You Should Know: Android devices have a lot of useful features and functions. In this article you will find top five android tricks that will definitely help you improve your Android experience.
Top Hidden Features Of Android 2022

Top 5 Android Tricks You Should Know 2022 

Screen Pinning
1 Screen Pinning

Your phone might contain personal information. ”Screen Pinning” is a feature that gives you peace of mind when someone else takes your phone. At times even kids do use our phone. This is a great way to make sure they don’t access the apps other than the opened one. Screen Pinning allows you to “pin” an app so it’s impossible for someone to leave that app and look at other stuff on your phone unless you unpin the app.

  • This is how you can enable screen pinning on your phone.
  • Go To Settings 
  • Security 
  •  Scroll down to Screen Pinning 
  • turn it ON and also make sure to
  • To use Screen Pinning:
  • Open the app you want to pin
  • Open the Recent apps screen
  •  scroll down to see pin icon 
  • Tap the pin icon.
To unpin the app, it’s usually something like long-pressing the Back button or long-pressing Back and Recent apps. Your phone will tell you how to do it.

Smart Lock
2 Smart Lock

Some of us use pattern lock, pin, password, sensors and so on to lock our android tricks phones to prohibit people from gaining access to our data .SMART LOCK feature removes the need to use a keypad lock when you’re at home or in another “trusted” environment. Instead of going through the long process of unlocking your device with your password or pattern lock, you can simply enable this feature. You should set up a lock on your device before setting up “smart lock” feature.

  • To enable Smart Lock : Go to settings 
  • Tap on security(for other devices) or tap on screen lock( for android marshmallow)
  • Click smart lock.
You can prevent your phone from locking itself by setting any of these options.
  1. Trusted places
  2. Trusted devices
  3. Trusted face
  4. On body detection
  5. Trusted voice

Take Photos While Recording

Just tap on the new white shutter button to take a photo when the video mode is on. After you’re done with recording, both the video and photo will be saved on to your phone’s gallery automatically.

To review all of your recent notifications on Android
4 To review all of your recent notifications on Android

Long press on home button will open the screen-adjusting mode. Tap on Widgets, and find the “Settings shortcut” .Drag this icon to an empty space on one of your home screens. Tap on it and the list will automatically pop up. Choose Notification log from the list and tap the icon to open up Android‘s notification history.

Increase interface speed using ‘Developer Mode’ Android Tricks
5 Increase interface speed using ‘Developer Mode’ Android Tricks

Turn ON the Developer Options to change the animation speed, simulate color space and many other options.To increase the animation speed, go to settings 
  • About Phone
  •  look for ‘Build Number’ and tap 7 times .
Then you will get the message saying “you’re now a developer!”. Now go back to system settings and check for Developer Options . Here, scroll down to set Window and Transition Animation scale or turn animations off. By default, the value of animation is set to 1x. Reduce it to 0.5x to increase the speed. Increasing the scale will make the animations slower.
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