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WhatsApp to Release Feature for Groups With Over 256 Members

WhatsApp is continuously releasing new features via its beta version. Some of the most recent include the ability to automatically mute groups with a high number of members, message themselves and modify messages that have been sent out. 
WhatsApp to Release Feature for Groups With Over 256 Members
WhatsApp to Release Feature for Groups With Over 256 Members

Automatic Muting Feature for Large Groups 

WhatsApp Groups have been around for a long time, and it's reasonable to assume that they can be both useful and irritating.

A user may now add more than hundreds of people to a WhatsApp group. However, one may get overwhelmed with group notifications, which may appear bad on their phone's lock screen.

As a result, they tend to mute groups to prevent occurrences like these.

Fortunately, WhatsApp is now working on a function that would automatically mute groups with more than 256 participants, said in an article by News 18.

The messaging application can now accommodate up to 1024 users in a single group, and the fact that Meta owns the platform demonstrates that the company understands how important it is for users to maintain their privacy.

Users of WhatsApp may presently use the automatic mute option in the app's beta version. Once the testing has been completed successfully and no errors have been reported, users can anticipate that WhatsApp will make the feature accessible. 

It is one of several things WhatsApp is testing in the background with its beta version.

News 18 reported that people are encouraged to constantly watch the beta tester window whenever it is available since WhatsApp may sometimes open it up for testing purposes.

An Option to Message Yourself

The ability to mute conversations in groups is not the only feature that WhatsApp has been considering implementing lately.  

According to an article by The Star, people have been sending messages to themselves on WhatsApp via workarounds like through contacts or a chat link. Now, the messaging service is allowing users to do this directly in-app.

The functionality was detected in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS and Android when users tapped the new message button and were presented with the option to "message yourself" in the contact list.

Previously, hitting the button displayed contacts with a registered WhatsApp account, excluding the user's own contact.

Editing Message After Sending Them Out

On iOS devices running WhatsApp version, users will soon have the opportunity to modify their messages after sending them. 

When the user presses and holds any message, the function will be activated. Once the message is sent out after revising it, WhatsApp will indicate to the recipient that the message has been edited by adding the label Edited.

According to News 18's source, WhatsApp would not allow users to edit previously sent messages for a period of 15 minutes after they have been delivered. 

Based on the added information provided, WhatsApp may allow users to change the text that appears under their photos in the future.

This can be attributed to the fact that editing is currently experiencing high demand levels.

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